(518) 697-6000


How do I schedule an appointment?

To schedule an appointment, please call (518) 697-6000 weekdays from 8:30AM thru 4:30PM EST.


What should I bring to my appointment?

Please make sure to bring your photo ID, insurance card(s), and any Workers' Compensation case or No Fault carrier/accident information (if applicable) on your first visit or when you are being seen for a new problem if you are an existing patient.

Also bring any previous diagnostic testing if applicable such as MRI's or X-Rays films or CD's, CT Scans, EMG's that will aid the physician during the evaluation process.


If I'm having difficulty walking will I get any assistance when I come to The Spine Institute?

Yes, on the day of your appointment, once you are in our parking lot you can call The Spine Institute at (518) 697-6000 and let them know that you are in the parking lot and need assistance. If you're coming with someone, have the person go to the front desk and someone will come to your car with a wheelchair and assist you. Our entire facility is handicapped accessible.


How are surgeries scheduled?

Once the decision to schedule surgery has been made, The Spine Institute's staff will assist in scheduling the surgery. The surgical coordinator works with patients to set a date and time for the surgery. Nurses begin the education and preparation of patients, and a representative of the Spine Institute office will begin insurance pre-certification of the surgical procedure. (Patients who need Worker's Compensation approval for surgical procedures will receive a surgery date once this authorization is obtained).


What will need to be done in preparation for surgery?

A nurse works with each Spine Institute physician to coordinate the preparation and education of all surgical patients. Patients receive educational materials and support throughout the preoperative process.

All patients undergoing surgery will need a history and physical performed by their family physician. Many patients will donate or have blood donated for them as they prepare for surgery. Other preparations may include; additional diagnostic testing, consultations with medical specialists or brace fittings.

The day before surgery, patients complete surgery preparations which may include skin and/or bowel cleansing and diet restrictions. The nurse provides the details of these preparations and guides them as they prepare for surgery.


When are patients admitted to the hospital?

Most patients are instructed to arrive to the hospital on the day they are scheduled for surgery. The nurse or secretary will instruct patients on arrival times.


How long are patients hospitalized?

Some surgeries are performed on an outpatient basis while others require a hospital stay. As a part of the surgery discussion, the physician will provide an estimated length of hospitalization. However, discharge from the hospital is more dependent on the achievement of certain goals than an estimated number of days. These goals include pain management, tolerance of activity and an understanding of discharge teaching.


What follow-up is required after surgery?

Most patients are seen in the clinic two weeks after surgery. Additional follow-up is determined at this first visit. Patients may be seen at intervals for up to one year or more depending on the type of surgery performed. The physician and staff provide instruction on follow-up visits.