Hand Problems

We seldom realize how important our hands are and how much we use them until an injury or problem occurs. Using a knife in the kitchen, working around the house with log splitters or saws and trying to fix fans or snow blowers are common causes for hand injuries here in the Hudson Valley. Simply lifting your newborn child, scanning groceries, working with a drill or hammer, texting, using the computer or other similar everyday activities can also give you problems. Tendonitis, carpal tunnel and tennis elbow are potential consequences of partaking in these routine tasks. If you’re afflicted, we can help you return to doing the things you love.

We are committed to providing the best care for you by taking the time to understand what you want as well as what you need. With attention to detail and an emphasis on patient education, we strive to provide the warmth and concern of an old fashioned doctor’s office with the benefits of cutting edge technology.

From broken ankles and wrists to cut fingers and tweaked knees, we can treat all your orthopaedic injuries and conditions. We can also diagnose and remedy your overused tendons, creaky old joints and hands that go numb. We will explain the surgical and non surgical options and work with you in developing a treatment plan that best fits you.

Dr. Catherine Shin was involved in early studies of volar plating of distal radius (wrist) fractures and has a special interest in carpal tunnel syndrome. She has been trained in some of the newer less invasive surgical techniques for hand problems including endoscopic single incision carpal tunnel release, Percutaneous Dupuytren’s Release and needle aponeurotomy.

Dr. Shin’s philosophy regarding treating patients is that the more they understand about their injury or condition, the better equipped they are to manage their symptoms. If they are well educated about what is happening to them, they will have less fear and pain and more confidence in their ability to recover. Orthopaedics is about restoring the maximum amount of function possible. Some things can be fixed with just an injection or a ten minute surgery and patients will sometimes wonder why they waited so long. Dr. Shin strongly believes that appropriate treatment can be either surgical or non surgical and the informed patient is the doctor’s best partner.

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