Complex Revision Surgery

Modern joint replacements are expected to last for decades, and provide relatively normal function during that time. A joint replacement is a mechanical device, which is subjected to very high stress (several times your body weight) and millions of cycles each year. Over time these implants may wear out, loosen, or otherwise fail. While many surgeons do not feel comfortable performing revision surgery as it is substantially more complex and the chance of complications is greater, we routinely undertake these cases and enjoy doing so. With over 500,000 joint replacements occurring each year in the United States, we will encounter an increasing number of patients requiring revision surgery. We dedicate the appropriate resources to handling this task. Much like in an academic medical center, we discuss and plan the approach to these challenging cases long before the operating room. Special tests, implants, and other devices or materials may be required. Alternate plans must be considered and possible problems must be recognized. Two surgeons and a physician’s assistant then work as a team during surgery to help ensure a successful result.